Many places, like restaurants, cafes, and theaters are moving away from traditional paper when it comes to their menus, specials, and advertisements. Instead they are using digital signage.

What exactly is digital signage?

Digital signage is a modern, flexible way to engage customers and patrons. Digital signage turns any screen into a digital canvas. You can create and manage content remotely and then play it on multiple screens in your business.

Before digital signage, if you had a special or event you wanted to push, you typically printed it out on a piece of paper and gave it to clients or pinned up in the bathroom. Customers were given little visual stimulation. Menus were either paper, laminated or put in pricy menu covers to make them last longer. They quickly became sticky and damaged, and offered little flexibility.

Today, digital signage allows business owners to take television screens and display content for their customers to see. Digital signage content can be easily created and updated.

How can digital signage help you?

Menu boards have become increasingly popular, as today’s consumers appreciate visuals. Text is often glanced over; carefully chosen adjectives barely registered in the minds the consumer. Pictures and videos capture and engage the consumer, making their mouth water. A digital menu board can be quickly updated to reflect changes in price and item availability.

Digital signage screens are also multipurpose, you can switch between an advertisements, social media feeds, and live TV. You can schedule content based on the time of day, switch between breakfast, lunch, and dinner easily. Content can also vary based on location, all controlled from your computer.

You can show videos of your latest commercial, stocks, Yelp reviews, and even create a chat with your customers. Digital signage increases communication and engagement. It helps reduce the costs of paper, menu covers, and stands. Many digital signage systems are user friendly and content can be easily created and updated from your phone or computer.